How to upgrade your healing potion in Diablo 4

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You'll begin Diablo 4 with four healing potions, and while you can always grab more from chests or fallen enemies, you'd be better off upgrading them. As you level up you'll need stronger health potions if you want to survive boss battles and Diablo 4's lengthy dungeons, so make sure you take the time to repair your gear and discover waypoints if you need to make a quick escape.

With that in mind, here's how you upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4.

 Diablo 4 healing potions: How to upgrade them 

Like many things in Diablo 4, the higher the level you are, the better gear and items you'll have access to. Potions are no different—each player begins with a Weak healing potion and once you reach level ten, you'll unlock the Tiny healing potion. Every ten levels after that you'll unlock a better potion, so the grind is real.

When you're ready to upgrade your potion, you'll need to visit an Alchemist, who is marked with a little mortar and pestle icon on the map. You'll find one in Kyovashad and will have a quest available for you from level ten onwards to teach you how to upgrade potions.

To upgrade your healing potion you'll need two Gallowvine, and to upgrade it again to the Minor healing potion you'll need to be level 20, have 15 Gallowvine, five Biteberry, and 400 gold. You'll probably have found the herbs on the path to Kyovashad, but if you didn't, just look for little bushes dotted around the wilderness. 

How to find Crushed Beast Bones

You need Crushed Beast Bones for the Light Healing Potion (Image credit: Blizzard)

One of the ingredients you need to upgrade your healing potion at level 30 into a Light Healing Potion are Crushed Beast Bones, but these can be a bit tricky to locate. You can get them by killing beasts, animals, and werecreatures, so your best bet is to head to wild Scosglen region. 

This area is located to the north of Fractured Peaks and the easiest way to get there by heading north-west of Menestad, which is itself, north-west of Kyovoshad. There are lots of wild animals, beasts, and werewolves hanging around this region, so you'll be able to farm up those Crushed Beast Bones right quick.


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