Updated: World boss Ashava spawn times and location in the Diablo 4 beta

Diablo 4 world boss Ashava concept art showing her large slaws and mouth
(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Diablo 4's first world boss, Ashava, is one of the main challenges available during the two Diablo 4 betas this month. Unlike dungeons and quests, world bosses wait for no slayer. Ashava has multiple spawn times during each of the beta weekends so you have plenty of chances to show up to at least one of them. Here's exactly when you'll want to be online to fight the giant plague creature.

Note: Due to a daylight savings mixup, Ashava was an hour late to her first spawn time on March 18. Blizzard posted a new list of spawn times on Twitter and seems to have added a fourth spawn time for the preorder beta weekend to compensate. Our timetable below has been updated to reflect the new times.

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Ashava spawn times for preorder beta

Ashava spawn times for the preorder beta are on Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19.

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March 18 & 19
11am (Sat)2 pm (Sat)6 pm (Sat)7 pm (Sat)5 am (Sun)
1 pm (Sat)4 pm (Sat)8 pm (Sat)9 pm (Sat)7 am (Sun)
11 pm (Sat)2 am (Sun)6 am (Sun)7 am (Sun)5 pm (Sun)
1 am (Sun)4 am (Sun)8 am (Sun)9 am (Sun)7 pm (Sun)

Ashava spawn times for open beta

Ashava spawn times for the preorder beta are on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26.

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March 25 & 26
10am (Sat)1 pm (Sat)5pm (Sat)6 pm (Sat)4 am (Sun)
12 pm (Sat)3 pm (Sat)7 pm (Sat)8 pm (Sat)6 am (Sun)
12 am (Sun)3 am (Sun)8 am (Sun)9 am (Sun)6 pm (Sun)

Where to find Ashava in Diablo 4

Ashava will spawn in the easternmost section of Fractured Peaks called The Crucible. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Ashava spawns in The Crucible, which is a small level 25+ section of the Fractured Peaks on its eastern edge. You'll get an on-screen popup 30 minutes before Ashava spawns so you have time to head to the right area. 

Like an MMO, world bosses allow for a lot of players in the same area to convene and fight together. You'll have 15 minutes on the clock to take Ashava down and complete the world event. Ashava is a "whirlwind of pestilence" and is capable of coating the ground in poison. Be ready to deal with lots of AOE attacks. Her big forearm blades are rather strong too, which she uses to swipe a full circle around herself. There is a way to weaken Ashava, Blizzard has hinted.

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