Devolver Digital reveals E3 2018 conference date: 'Apologies in advance'

Devolver Digital, the outfit Steven once described as the industry's most eclectic studio, has confirmed its own dedicated showing at E3 2018. The aptly named Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference 2018 will take place on Sunday, June 10 at 8pm PST/June 11 at 4am BST. 

With a back catalogue that flaunts the super-crude Genital Jousting, the super-violent Hotline Miami and the super-weird Dropsy, Devolver is known for thinking outside of the box with the games it represents. Which may be why the following tweet carries a preemptive apology.

Despite being forced to cancel its Indie Picnic event in the run up to last year's E3, the publisher's conference was nevertheless a highlight of the entire show. It was typically weird, loud and disjointed. Look, see:

More of the same this year, please.

Cheers, Eurogamer