Devolver Digital cancels its E3 'Indie Picnic' event

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Devolver Digital, the publisher behind games including Genital Jousting, Strafe, and the upcoming Ape Out, said in May that its annual parking lot display at this year's E3 would include a showcase of "artisanal indie games [and] music" called the Indie Picnic. Befitting the name, the area would also feature food, "cold beverages," and even some carnival games. It sounds like a good time. So it's a real shame that Devolver has been forced to pull the plug on the whole thing. 

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"We regretfully inform the public that we have been denied the necessary special use permits to enable us to host the fan-badge portion of the recently-announced Devolver Indie Picnic at E3 this year," the company said in a statement. "Those with E3 industry badges and by-appointment press are still welcome to join us per our usual location, but we are sad to say that we will not be able to accommodate the fan-badges due to capacity restrictions." 

Devolver emphasized that the cancellation is strictly for the public part of its display, and that its usual setup "for appointments and other general shenanigans" is still happening. The "Devolver Public Access" livestream that runs throughout the show, featuring "an awesome showcase of independent games and some very special guests," will also be unaffected. 

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