How to find Ethereal Charms in Destiny 2's Temple of Crota

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In Destiny 2, Ethereal Charms are an item found in the Temple of Crota that is required to complete the Essence of Greed quest. There's just one problem: The Temple of Crota is a hard place to find. It turns out The Moon, the new location introduced in Destiny 2's new Shadowkeep expansion, has lots of hidden areas, and Ethereal Charms are hiding in one of them. Fortunately, our guide is going to show you where to go.

Grabbing the Ethereal Charms is well worth it, too. In addition to completing some basic activities on the Moon and killing enemies with any machine gun, grabbing them will complete the Essence of Greed quest that rewards you with A Fine Memorial—a powerful legendary Machine Gun.

Destiny 2 Ethereal Charms and Temple of Crota location

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To start, teleport to Sanctuary on the Moon. Head to the right, following the path to the Anchor of Light zone located to the northeast of your location. Along the northeastern edge of the Anchor of Light you'll find the passage to the Temple of Crota. You'll know you're heading the right way because Temple of Crota will appear on the screen as the narrow passage opens up to reveal a large gate.

Enter the gate, run straight past the Hive enemies, and drop down to the lower level. Turn 180 degrees and follow the passage that leads back the way you just came, which opens up into a much larger cavern. Follow the left wall and you'll find stairs leading down to a lower level. If you have Essence of Greed tracked in your quest log, the moment you enter the room at the bottom of the stairs a quest marker should appear showing you where the Ethereal Charms are. 

Just in case that isn't working, just head to the opposite side of the room and to the left of the closed door you'll find the Ethereal Charms laying on some rubble. Easy-peasy. Enjoy your new A Fine Memorial machine gun.

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