Where to find the Fangs of Shun'gath in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 fangs of shungath
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The Destiny 2 Fangs of Shun’gath is another item to be plundered as part of the: Shadowkeep expansion. Now that the Essence of Rage is live in the game, you have the chance at a god-rolled One Small Step, a legendary shottie that packs a serious punch.

To find the Fangs of Shun’gath in Destiny 2 you need to visit a specific part of the World’s Grave area on the Moon. If you don’t know Earth’s barren satellite like the back of your hand yet, we’re here to show you exactly where you need to go. If you’re a Essence-collecting veteran you’ll be familiar with the process already, so let’s get stuck in.

How to get the Destiny 2 Fangs of Shun’gath in World’s Grave

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To start your latest Essence scavenger hunt, make your way to the Temple of Crota entrance. You'll have started a fair few Shadowkeep main missions here, but if you're unsure, take the eastern path away from Eris in the Moon's Sanctuary area towards Anchor of Light. Continue on past the distinctive dish-shaped building and head right through the narrow valley to the temple.

Go straight ahead, drop down and turn back on yourself. When you hit the collapsed room at the bottom of the stairs, head through the structure in the middle, and turn left. That sees you descending more stairs: turn right when you get to the room at the base of those.

In the next room, go straight ahead. The way isn't immediately obvious, so go forward and bear right a little to progress to World's Grave. Head straight ahead again and then turn left after jumping onto the raised platform. Now you should find yourself in a room with a circular altar at the centre. 

It's here that you should find a Thrall called Shun'gath. Kill it for its pointy pearly whites and the item you need for the One Small Step shotgun will be all yours. Enjoy, and point it away from us, if you please.

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