How to find Withered Plumes in Destiny 2's Circle of Bones and complete Essence of Obscurity

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Finding the Destiny 2 Withered Plumes item and completing the Essence of Obscurity requires trekking to the ominous Circle of Bones—but where the hell is that anyway? Your map provides no hints to the location of this secret area, but it's worth finding since the Essence of Obscurity quest rewards an excellent legendary SMG called Every Waking Moment.

Like the Ethereal Charms, Horned Wreath, and the Necromantic Strand items, Withered Plumes is an item hidden somewhere on the Moon, the spooky setting of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion. Each one of these items is required to complete a quest that, in turn, rewards a powerful legendary weapon. Here's where to find Withered Plumes in the Circle of Bones.

Above: WoW Quests has created a video showing the location of Withered Plumes.

Destiny 2 Withered Plumes and Circle of Bones location

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The Circle of Bones is, unfortunately, not an easy place to get to. From Sanctuary, head north until you're at the northern edge of the Hellmouth zone. You should be standing next to a massive structure with openings on either side that reveals a passage into the lower levels of the Hellmouth. Take that passage and continue heading down until you arrive at The Gatehouse. An orange light at the end of the room will guide you to the next area, so follow that passage, take a right, and then follow the left wall where you'll find a large opening leading into another cavernous passage. You're headed in the right direction if you see white, glowing crystals protruding from the base of the walls.

That winding passage will eventually open into another room with Hive enemies. On the other side you'll see another passage marked by an ominous green glow. Take that into another winding cave that's so dark your flashlight will turn on. Eventually, you'll end up in a massive cavern. From the platform in front of you, jump across the gap to the left and you should immediately see Circle of Bones appear on your screen. You're close. Kinda.

As the name implies, the Circle of Bones is a very large circular atrium. Head to the right and look for a tight walkway that circumscribes the massive pit in the center of the Circle of Bones. Follow that walkway and you should see the quest marker appear on your screen showing you the location of the Withered Plumes (be sure to track the Essence of Obscurity quest first). But just in case that doesn't happen, follow the walkway to its end and the Withered Plumes are sitting right there. Enjoy your cool new SMG.

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