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Dell's entire line of Alienware Aurora desktops are getting marked down

Dell's entire line of Alienware Aurora desktops are getting marked down
(Image credit: Dell)

Alienware has been a long-standing monolith of high-end gaming, and right now Dell is offering up to $405 off the entirety of the Alienware desktop arsenal with some models starting at $729.99. Alienware's latest versions of the Aurora gaming desktop are available in a variety of configurations and can include up to a pair of RTX 2080 supers with a 9900K. This level of machine will smash benchmarks at 1440p and give you excellent 4K performance as well. The slim and unique form factor, paired with tool-less entry made the Alienware Aurora one of our best gaming PCs. This ease of access lends an air of upgradeability to this clean and powerful PC especially when you consider the 850W PSU that leaves a ton of headroom for upgrades.  

You can also capitalize on this deal by bundling accessories with your order, allowing you to save big on those occasionally overlooked peripherals. Dell is offering massive discounts on select monitors, keyboards and mice. And as with all Alienware products, a 1-year hardware warranty with onsite service is included.  

Alienware gaming PCs | Starting at $729.99 at Dell
Alienware has always made standout examples of high-performance gaming desktops and this deal will save you some serious cash no matter which configuration you go with.

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Alienware is all about stressing a sleek and compact form factor without sacrificing performance, and there are few desktops that stress this quite like the Aurora. While we can expect similar savings next month with the best Black Friday deals, this is the lowest price we've seen on these desktops in some time, making it a great time to buy. 

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