Dell's 17" laptop with an RTX 2060 is $200 off at Best Buy

Dell 17" laptop deal
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If you're hungry to take your games on the go, and especially if you want to jump on the ray tracing bandwagon but don't want to spend a bucket of cash for the privilege, this 17-inch Dell laptop may be just the ticket—currently down to $1,400 at Best Buy.

For context, that price point is a hundred bucks or so lower than the lowest price we've ever seen this model go for at Amazon, and a full $200 off the list price. It's also a great price for a powerful, slender laptop packing a 9th Gen i7-9750H and one of Nvidia's RTX cards, the 2060, which has dedicated RT cores to handle ray tracing workloads and Tensor cores to deal with deep learning tasks. That includes DLSS, Nvidia's technique that boosts frame rates by feeding lower resolution images to an AI that then dynamically improves and sharpens them.

This model also includes both a 256 SSD you can slap your OS (and a handful of your most demanding games) on, as well as a full TB of traditional HDD storage for media and the rest of your library. If you didn't find the laptop you were looking for during all the Prime Day madness last week, this is a great opportunity to scoop up an excellent machine at a rare discount.


Dell 17" gaming laptop | $1,400 at Best Buy (save $200)
A big, thin, powerful 17.3-inch Dell laptop at a solid discount. Loaded for bear with one of Nvidia's potent RTX cards and a 9th Gen Intel processor, this is a great machine to rock even the latest triple-A games.

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