Death Stranding – the cheapest way to get it on PC in Australia

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The Death Stranding release date has been delayed from June 2 to July 14, but it's still available to pre-order. At this stage it doesn't look like the game is getting a physical release in Australia, so your only option is to purchase digitally – unless we get a last minute (and let's face it, pretty unlikely) collector's edition.

It's Hideo Kojima's first game following his departure from Konami, and he's taken the opportunity to stretch his legs a bit. We'll have our own review in June, but based on PS4 reviews it will be worth the wait. For everything you need to know about the game, including its new Photo Mode, this is where you need to look

If you choose to pre-order you'll get a bunch of perks, including an expanded edition of the Death Stranding original score. As far as in-game rewards go, you get a pair of gold and silver armour plates, gold and silver power and all-terrain skeletons, and a pair of "chiral gold and omnireflector Ludens mask" sunglasses, which... well, it is what it is.

The prices below are all pre-order prices.

Green Man Gaming - AU$82.96
Fanatical - AU$81.95
Steam - AU$99.95
Epic Games Store - AU$90.99
Humble Store - AU$99.95 (includes AU$9.09 Humble Wallet cashback)

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