DayZ standalone appears in Steam database as Early Access

Over the course of the year-long development of Bohemia Interactive's standalone expansion of the mod, creator Dean Hall has been releasing developer diaries and updates teasing the project's completion on his Twitter feed. He recently took a self-imposed sabbatical from social media last month. DayZ's release has been a long time coming, but it might have to be a little bit longer, despite the excited feelings you might be feeling after looking at that headline.In response to the game's appearance on the Steam database , Hall stepped forward to hand out some clarification.

"So, to confirm," he tells Joystiq , "there is no release date announcement and we're 100 percent focused on getting the alpha out the door." When asked about the actual release date, Hall would give no specificity. He notes that the "core network architecture" is holding up the release.

“That's the kind of thing only a few people can work on," he said at Gamescom . "It's very specialized." Since then, Bohemia has released ArmA III, which Evan dug enough to give it an editor's choice .

However, DayZ's actual release date, or its Steam Early Access release date in Alpha or Beta form, remains in the ethereal void, drifting between varying levels of uncertainty.