Unreal Engine 4-powered horror game Daylight out on April 8

Last month, Epic Game's EU territory manager Mike Gamble sai d that the first major titles built in the company's Unreal Engine 4 will release on PC as soon Christmas 2014, with more coming in the first quarter of 2015. But today, Zombie Studios announced that its first-person procedurally generated horror game Daylight, also built with UE4, will be out April 8.

Daylight will hit PC and PS4 on April 8 for $15, according to IGN . The PC version will also have the added benefit of Oculus Rift support, as if Daylight doesn't look scary enough as it is. In the game, you'll play as Sarah Gwynn, who must make her way through a series of haunted environments armed with nothing but a smartphone, which serves as a flashlight, map, and other tools. Daylight will be different every time you play, changing up the level layout, the locations of items that populate the world, and where some events happen.

A new, interesting tidbit that Zombie revealed about the game today is that it will be integrated with Twitch chat to allow viewers to mess with the player. The example Zombie gave IGN is that typing "meow" will trigger a cat noise in the game.

Zombie Studios, a small developer located in Seattle, Washington, is best known for its free-to-play first person shooter, Blacklight: Retribution .