Daud and Billie Lurk return for Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider

Bethesda revealed at its pre-E3 event tonight that a new Dishonored 2 standalone expansion called Death of the Outsider is coming this September, featuring the return of Daud and Billie Lurk. The former leader and second-in-command of the notorious group of assassins known as the Whalers are reuniting for one last job, and it's their biggest one yet: They're going to kill the Outsider. 

The trailer isn't laden with detail, but the listing on Steam has more. In Death of the Outsider, players will take on the role of Billie, one of Dunwall's most notorious assassins, who splits with the Whalers at the end of the Knife of Dunwall expansion for the original Dishonored. Teaming up with her former mentor Daud, she sets out to kill the powerful Outsider, who they believe is response for some of the Empire's darkest moments.   

As Billie, you'll travel "deep into the seedy underbelly of Karnaca," taking advantage of "a unique set of supernatural abilities, gadgets, and weapons" as you traverse underground fight clubs and black magic cults, take on new enemies, and—if you choose—accept Contracts that will present you with optional targets to find and eliminate as you pursue your ultimate quarry. 

Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider is scheduled for release on September 15, and is available for preorder now for $30/£20/€30, or bundled with Dishonored 2 for $60/£40/€60 bundle. First screens are below.

Andy Chalk

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