Dark Souls Age of Fire mod pits playable Gwyn against its toughest boss combo

Datehacks' long-term work-in-progress Age of Fire Dark Souls mod lets you play as your favorite bosses. Last week, it showcased Executioner Smough in the game's Undead Burg area. Now, it's sent Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, to Anor Londo. 

Which means Gwyn can now battle Dark Souls' toughest boss combo—the aforementioned lightning hammer-wielding garroter, and his companion Dragonslayer Ornstein. It's a pretty marvellous showdown that features from 15.15 below.

When it comes to Dark Souls mods, I often vouch for the player-made projects that up its challenge—but I'm all over this one, questions of lore aside (it's thought Gwyn and Ornstein are/were pretty tight). According to this subreddit thread, creator Datehacks is working on a playable demo version of Age of Fire that's "coming soon." 

Here's more from that, on how the mod's final release will work: "As you can see we will be able to play as any enemy/boss FULL Map this means you can finish the map with your favorite enemy under your control. You will be able to do any single move they do. You will be able to go anywhere but not between maps due to game engine limitations."

Until full release, here's Knight Artorias storming Anor Londo: 

And here's a playable, drop-kicking Andre the Blacksmith taking on Undead Burg: