Dark Souls playable bosses mod adds Smough and we should all just go home

Last week, Austin wrote about this Dark Souls mod lets you play the whole game as your favorite boss. Created by Datehacks, the long-term work-in-progress project lets players storm Lordran as Gwyn, Artorias and Sanctuary Guardian—and plans to add more nemeses as it grows. 

To this end, it's now added Executioner Smough—complete with his massive electrified hammer, and signature Trample Charge attack. 

Watch Dark Souls' biggest lad lay waste to Undead Burg's pithy minions, two-shotting the Asylum Demon, and smacking Capra Demon and its dogs upside the head with minimal effort:

Those poor bastards never stood a chance. 

"Controlling Smough the newly added boss to the list of supported enemies," explains the mods creator in the video above's description. "Also showcasing the new revamped targeting mode also known as Player Lock On Mod where your controlled enemy will always face it's targeted enemy no matter what when locked on it. 

"This gives better targeting for melee moves and does not turn him around when you move if I untarget I can turn freely. This lock on mode gives exact player style targeting system something normal debug control does not have. Enjoy fully playable Smough."

Its creator points those interested towards the WIP mod's Discord and Facebook pages to learn more about the project, and keep up to speed with its progress. 

Now, when we can expect a playable Ceaseless Discharge?