Daedalic announces Deponia Doomsday, coming next week

Deponia Doomsday

Released in early 2012, Deponia was the first in a trilogy of point-and-click adventures from Daedalic Entertainment that chronicled the efforts of a thick-headed jerk named Rufus to escape the confines of his backwater, junk-yard homeworld. The sequels, Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia, didn't do much for me—there just wasn't enough gas in the tank to drive three full games—but I really liked the original. And so I'm cautiously hopeful that today's announcement of Deponia Doomsday will lead to good things.

Deponia Doomsday sees Rufus caught up in a time-travel escapade that will reunite him with characters from the previous games, including Lonzo, Lotti, Wenzel, and even Goal. Players will actually get to see the floating city of Elysium this time around, and the announcement also suggests that the new game will provide an alternate ending to the trilogy, which concluded in a very unexpected (and kind of dark) fashion. It will be “the largest and most elaborate Deponia game so far,” with an estimated 20 hours of play spread across 100 locations.

Neither the teaser nor the announcement reveal much about the game, but Deponia in general is violently slapstick, occasionally dark, and wildly inappropriate once or twice. Hopefully Deponia Doomsday will be more of the former (and the middle bit) than the latter. Surprisingly, it's on Steam now, and will launch in just four days, on March 1.

Andy Chalk

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