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Here's an overview of the map, including call-outs that are helpful to know.

Overpass is a relatively new map that's "only" been around for two years. For this reason, and because it’s not simply an update of an older design, it's probably one of the least figured-out maps in the current pool.

Due to the short rotation paths for the terrorists on Overpass, one could argue that good communication is even more important than usual. When you defend you have to make difficult decisions. Most of the time you'll want to play aggressively and push for information, but be careful. The further you push, the more danger you're in. Think of it as means to an end: a trade-off for information. Once you've cleared an area you should tell your teammates and get ready to either fall back or flank the enemy.

Control the map as a team

Even if I recommend aggressive play, it's better to stay defensive than to push the wrong areas at the wrong time. When I play CT on Overpass I usually think of my team as a single organism rather than five separate entities. What your A-guys do should dictate how your B-guys play and vice versa.

Connector, lower tunnels and restroom are by far the most important areas on Overpass. If you control these spots you can be certain that the terrorists can't rotate unless they decide to get some exercise and run all the way through T-spawn.

One of the most effective plays to gather information in lower tunnels is to blow up squeaky and build a tower of death to peek over this wall:

Now you'll be able to spot their feet before they can see you. All you need to do now is to shoot them or at the very least make them dance. This play is fairly easy to counter by using flashes and pushing pipe, so don't overuse it. If the terrorists come through the pipe it's crucial that you change positions immediately or else you will have given away the position of not one but two players. Sometimes you can do it like this instead:

This provides the same information but it's harder to get the kill. The plus side is that this is less risky than to boost.

Remember what I said about your team being a single organism? When you assign one or two B-players to peek lower tunnels, that means your squad on A don't have to work as hard for that paycheck. They can just sit back and make sure no terrorists take over the rest room area. The reason for this is that if you play aggressive on both sides of the map at the same time, you won't be able to rotate in time, should the enemy manage to pick up a few quick kills.

Aggressive AWP

Sometimes you want to play aggressive towards the fountain for information. The AWP is an excellent weapon for this task. However the AWPer will need a lot of backup, so you should have two guys joining him. One around restroom to make sure the terrorists can't backstab your push from party, the other player using flashbangs to help the sniper get an advantageous peek.

If the AWPer spots multiple enemies they should fall back as fast as possible with support from both of their bodyguards. If the terrorists doesn't chase them and push the rest room area, the two guys on B can start to cover more ground. You want the terrorists to have as little space to work with as possible.

If they can't see any enemies around fountain, the guy who threw the flashes earlier can clear playground. That way the terrorists are boxed in. Either they're moving towards B or they're in lower tunnels. That should be enough information for your team to have a good chance to secure the round.

Cool stuff

Sometimes you want to show off to your friends and be the center of attention for a while. This smoke is one of the coolest smokes on Overpass:


'Eco round' is short for economic round. That's a round where you buy little to no items. The purpose is to save money for the following round so that you can afford the big toys.

One of your A-guys can use their smoke at the beginning of the round to make it harder for the terrorists to rush B. Especially when you think that they might have an eco round, in which case rushes are quite common. Another cool thing about this smoke is that it gives you an extra smoke on B. Because of the tight choke points on that site, smokes are far more effective there than on A.

The infamous one-way smoke. You either love it or hate it. There are examples of smokes like these on a lot of useful spots in the game, but this one qualifies as one of my personal favorites:

You can see them, they can't see you. Just don't use it too often or they'll just prefire that angle. This is a play that can win you rounds. I find it especially useful as an anti-eco strategy when my opponents only have pistols. It's rather difficult to hit a head you can't see with a Glock.

I mentioned that a great counter for that boost on B is to push through the pipe. With this smoke you can be of great use to your team. Just remember to wait a few seconds into the round before you throw it or else it will fade too early.

To summarize: plug the pipes, work as a team and use unfair advantages. Next time we'll go over the terrorist side. Have fun on the field and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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