How to attack on CS:GO’s Cobblestone map

CSGO Cobblestone Attack


Here's an overview of the map, including call-outs that are helpful to learn.

Last week I showed you ways to improve your CT-side. Now we'll have a look at the map from the other perspective.

Most of the time it's best to attack the B-site, but that doesn't mean you don't have to keep the defenders guessing. Go for the occasional A-round and use fakes every now and again.

The reasons why you should attack B most of the time are numerous: It's fairly easy to prefire common angles with the AK, you can rotate to A pretty fast if needed and the B-site is one of the most difficult sites to retake once the terrorists have taken control over it.

How to use drop room to your advantage

I hope you brought your sportswear, because it's time to get sweaty. Once you execute a play through drop you generally have to be really fast unless you want to be trapped and vulnerable to all sorts of grenades. As soon as you hit the floor in drop there's no turning back. This is no place for faint-hearted people!


A flashbang that is thrown in such a way that it doesn't give players a chance to turn around before it "pops".

I like to use this popflash before I drop down. Yes, it's true that there are more efficient flashes, but that would require one player on your team to stand back and flash instead of joining the push from long B.

'Eco Round'

A round where you buy little to no equipment in order to save money for upcoming rounds.

As soon as the flash pops, you and a teammate can drop down and wreak havoc. Decide who takes the right side and who takes the left before you go. The drop popflash combined with a smoke on the left side of drop room might be one of the easiest ways to secure an eco round plant unless your opponents are ready for it.

Simply smoke, flash and go A through connector. If you wait for a few seconds before you make your move, there's a chance the defender on A has already started to sneak up on you from behind, leaving the bombsite open. Note that this strategy is just as effective on normal rounds.

Smokes on B

You can use a few easy smokes to limit the number of angles you have to check once you try to take the site. The first one is used to smoke off the area behind the cube to make sure no optimistic counter-terrorist can kill you from drop room. Line it up, jump, throw. Then wait for a second or two before you throw a flashbang using the same exact throw.

The other smoke I'm going to show you is used to cover one side of hen house. With that smokescreen down you only have to check the right side. But remember that a CT can still hide there. It's crucial that you assign a guy to check hen house once you've taken the site.

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