Defending CS:GO's Cache map as Counter-Terrorists

Cache Defense


Here’s an overview of the map, including call-outs that are helpful to know.

Cache differs from most other maps in that it’s rectangular with two distinct sides separated by the yard in the middle. What does this mean when you try to defend? Firstly, if you manage to maintain control over mid, the terrorists are a lot more limited in what they can do to get the bomb to one of the bomb sites. And secondly, if the terrorists manage to kill the defenders in mid, the counter-terrorists will have to move across the entire map to reach the other site. Needless to say, mid is a key area on Cache whether you’re defending or attacking.

Before we move on to discuss how to defend different areas on the map, it’s worth mentioning that there are a number of different ways to set up on Cache. There's no “correct” way. One method that I prefer is to have one defender on B, whose job it is to survive long enough to either get help from the rotation from mid or be able to call out the terrorists' positions for when the rest of their team attempts a retake. Two defenders on A, because that site allows for a number of cool strategies that two players can use if they work together. Finally, two players in mid. You can either rotate both mid players to one site if your enemies are rushing, or you can rotate one without giving up control over mid completely.

Dynamic duo on bombsite A

The most important thing to do when you defend A with someone is to communicate. You want to know what the other player intends to do so that you don’t stay and peek the A-main entrance from car while your friend decides to go ham out of nowhere and rush them without your assistance.

One way you can set up is to have a player behind forklift. This spy can spot attacks from either door or A-main, but more importantly, they can hear the push from A-main before they arrive. When the warning arrives, use this flash from the corner. For good reasons, it's nicknamed after the French player NBK (Natural Born Killer).

If you notice that your enemies tend to go for mid control, you can use this smoke and flash in order to be able to safely boost up one guy on top of the boxes. The other player can then go either highway or balcony and hold door, until their assistance is needed in mid. Being flexible is everything on Cache.

This way the player on boxes can hopefully kill one or two enemies, should they push A despite your masterful read. Warning! If your mid defense falls, you have to drop down or else you’ll be a sitting duck when the terrorists attack from highway.

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