Conquer CS:GO's Inferno map as Terrorists

Inferno Offense

Last week we had a look at how to defend on Inferno. This time around you get to be the naughty boys. Your objective is to get C4 explosives to one of the two gas pipelines in the village, and you'll have to use every trick in the book to pull it off.

Map Call outs

Here's an overview of the map, including ‘call outs’: the names for key areas.

Inferno is a map that's all about time management. The counter-terrorists will use their smokes, flashes and incendiaries in an attempt to delay your attack. As a result you should generally split up in the beginning of the round and show some aggression towards both middle and banana. This way you will force your opponents to use their precious smoke grenades early on. If you manage to do so, their brick walls will turn into demolition sites as the round draws closer to the end. At that point it will be a lot easier for you to pick a bomb site and execute your meticulously planned operation.

First, though, let's have a look at the pistol round.

Pistol round

If you manage to win the pistol round it'll be much easier for you to ride the economy wave and pick up the following rounds as well. There are an infinite number of pistol round strategies, but this is one that I like to use.

From the hip

If you need to improve your pistol game, check out our guide.

You need one guy to buy armor. He will be crucial for this strategy to work. No matter what happens, there's no way this player will let counter-terrorists push banana. In the beginning of the round, his job is to survive and create some space for the rest of the team.

The support player will buy a smoke grenade and two flashbangs and the rest of the team can buy whatever they prefer to use. These four guys will be the main squad. They will go through second mid up to mid.

Once they're in position, the support player will use this smoke and these flashes to prevent the defenders from pushing through the smoke screen.

After the flashes he will join his sidekick in banana while the rest of the team rush through CT-spawn. Now your dumbstruck opponents on B will have to defend against attacks from both sides.

On the next page: an effective way to take B.