Corsair's new RGB fans are its brightest yet

Do you even RGB, bro? You don't have to answer that, and don't worry, I want to punch myself square in the nose (but won't) for asking that question. Be that as it may, there is no ignoring the mad rush by hardware makers to push RGB lighting at every turn. Enter Corsair, which is readying a new family of RGB cooling fans.

These were first spotted by Videocardz, which found Corsair's LL120 (120mm) and LL140 (140mm) RGB fans hanging out at an unnamed retailer's website. We did a little digging and found they are not available at Newegg.

Corsair's offerings are a tad different than most other RGB fans—they can act like RGB strips, so you have a bit more flexibility in controlling the lighting scheme and animations. This is accomplished by placing 16 programmable diodes into two separate light loops. NZXT's Aer fans did this first, and are fully controllable via its CAM software.

Each fan kit comes with Corsair's Lighting Node Pro, which you'll need if you want to control the fans through Corsair's Link utility.

You'll pay a premium to light up your system with these fans. A single LL120 RGB sells for $35 and a single LL140 RGB goes for $40. Both are also offered in multiple fan kits, priced at $100 for the LL120 RGB (comes with two fans) and $120 for the LL140 RGB (comes with three fans).

At first glance there appears to be a pricing error, and we initially thought there was—the dual 120mm fan kit is more than twice as much as the single 120mm fan. The reason for that is because two-fan and three-fan kits both come with Corsair's Lighting Node Pro, which is a $60 product. The individual fan offerings are meant to be expansions of these kits, for users who need additional cooling, and not really standalone products.

Paul Lilly

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