This Corsair 750W Plus Gold PSU is $50 off at Newegg

This Corsair 750W Plus Gold PSU is $50 off at Newegg

If you've read our guide on how to build a gaming PC, you know how critical a good PSU is. It's the fuel source that drives everything that happens in your PC, providing power to every element from the performance parts to the peripherals. The Corsair on offer at Newegg right now is a perfect fit for practically any PC build (or if you're looking to upgrade an existing machine)—the 750W is more than enough energy to handle even the most demanding setup, and the Plus Gold rating means it will remain efficient even under really heavy loads. 

Getting it for half the price (including a $20 mail-in rebate) is an exceptional deal; you're essentially getting a great 750W Gold PSU for $59.99—the price of a Bronze with about half the wattage. It's also conveniently semi-modular, meaning only the primary motherboard cables are hardwired in, so you can save yourself a bit of cable management by only attaching additional wires as you need them. 


Corsair TX750M PSU | 750W Plus Gold | $59.99 at Newegg (save $50)
A powerful, efficient power supply at the price of a much less capable model, this Corsair is a perfect way to power even your high-end PC build.

At 750W you're not only getting enough power to easily handle a mighty build now, you're adding enough overhead to ensure you don't run into power issues when you upgrade or add additional components down the line. Given how much focus parts manufacturers are placing on energy efficiency these days, this PSU could easily last you for years to come, and because it works so efficiently (hence the Plus Gold rating), it generates less heat and requires less of the cooling fan. If you're building a PC or have been waiting for a sale to upgrade to one of the best PSUs for PC, snatch this up quick, at this price point they're likely to move pretty quickly.

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