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Cooler Master's new ultra-limited edition case costs almost $1,000

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Cooler Master is collaborating with Mark's Fabrications to offer an "ultra-limited" run of the C700P Carbon, a carbon fiber version of the regular C700P—one of the best PC cases you can buy—and oh boy is it expensive—as in, $999 expensive.

It's a good thing Cooler Master didn't tack on an extra buck, because at $1,000, we'd have serious reservations about plunking down that kind of cash for a case. We kid, of course, but the reason of the premium price tag is two-fold.

For one, it's a specially designed version of the regular C700P by Mark's Fabrications. Mark's Fabrications originally modified the C700P for the 2018 Case Mod World Series, in which it ended up winning second place. Unlike the original version, this modded variant sports custom carbon fiber rails, along with two kinds of carbon fiber (twill weave and wasp) on the front panel, and a carbon fiber rear.

"The C700P Carbon expresses luxury and confidence by embracing the contours of the iconic design of Cosmos with the meticulous use of carbon fiber accent on the defining lines of the original C700P," Cooler Master explains.

That's some real fancy talk, though it's not the only reason this case cost more than a surgical tooth extraction, or in some instances a used car. The other reason is the limited edition factor. Cooler Master isn't messing around in that regard—there are only five of these in the world.

Outside of the carbon fiber elements and limited run, the C700P Carbon offers the same features as the regular C700P. Priced at $299.99, it almost seems like a bargain.

We don't know if there's a need to hurry, but if you're interested in being one of the five to own this case, head over to Cooler Master's web store and claim your case.

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