Cooler Master's first MMO mouse goes up for preorder in the UK for £60

Several weeks ago, Cooler Master unveiled the MM830, a mouse that is purpose-built for playing MMO games. It launched first in the US for $79.99, and is now available to preorder in the UK for £59.99.

That's about the same price at the current conversion rate, though Amazon in the US has it for slightly cheaper than Cooler Master's MSRP—it's priced at $72.99 if you're willing to wait "1 to 3 months." Otherwise, there's a marketplace seller that claims it's in stock, and has it listed for $74.99.

Part of what makes the MM830 unique is that Cooler Master implemented a D-pad on the left side of the rodent. Cooler Master decided this was better than having a bunch of buttons, as is the case with Corsair's Scimitar.

"We wanted to offer an MMO mouse that provides a solid thumb grip without having an overabundance of buttons," says Bryant Nguyen, peripheral general manager at Cooler Master. "We took a unique approach by adding this integrated D-pad."

Fair enough, though we haven't spent any hands-on time with the MM830 to see if we prefer it to Razer's Naga Trinity, which we feel is the best gaming mouse for MMO and MOBA games.

In addition to a D-pad, there's also a customizable 96x64 OLED display to "flaunt your colors" or "rep your clan." You can also configure it to display dpi settings and other vitals.

As for the sensor, Cooler Master went with Avago's PMW3360. It's an optical sensor with a 100-24,000 dpi range.

You can preorder the MM830 in the UK at Scan. It's due to arrive on February 18.

Paul Lilly

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