Cooler Master’s new mouse flaunts a D-pad for MMO games and an OLED display

Image courtesy of TomsHardware. Click for original. (Image credit: TomsHardware)

Cooler Master today launched its first bid for the best gaming mouse designed specifically for MMO games, the MM830. Part of what makes this rodent unique compared to Cooler Master's other mice is an integrated D-pad on the left side.

"We wanted to offer an MMO mouse that provides a solid thumb grip without having an overabundance of buttons," says Bryant Nguyen, peripheral general manager at Cooler Master. "We took a unique approach by adding this integrated D-pad."

Mice designed for MMOs typically have more buttons. In this case, there are eight programmable buttons, including the "four hidden" ones in the D-pad. While the D-pad is somewhat unique, the MM830 doesn't have as many buttons as some of the mice it is going up against, such as Corsair's Scimitar and Logitech's G600.

The MM830 also features an OLED display to "flaunt your colors" or "rep your clan." Perhaps more useful is the ability to keep track of certain vitals, such as dpi settings, or whatever else you can squeeze into a customizable 96x64 resolution display.

Cooler Master armed the MM830 with an Avago PMW3360 optical sensor. It has a 100-24,000 dpi range. It's housed in a "durable PBT" chassis that Cooler Master says "minimizes wear and tear due to sweat, sun, and Cheetos dust."

The MM830 should start showing up on retail sites today for $79.99 (€79.99).

Paul Lilly

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