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How to beat all the bosses in Code Vein

code vein bosses
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Beating Code Vein’s bloodthirsty bosses is far from easy and you’ll need to keep on your toes if you wish to avoid an early demise. Whether you're an experienced Soulsborne veteran looking to test your mettle or a new player digging into the hard as nails action for the first time, you’ll likely end up losing a few lives to they many brutal Code Vein bosses. 

From colossal jet-powered knights to nimble feline fighters, there’s plenty to sink your oversized weapon into. If you happen to find yourself repeatedly dying to a particular boss, then you’ve come to the right place. So buckle up and get ready to counter Code Vein’s bosses with these top tips.

Oliver Collins

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Oliver Collins is the first Code Vein boss. He may be the simplest in terms of attack patterns, but he can still quickly kill those that dare underestimate his power. This boss fight has two phases: Oliver’s human and beast forms. During his human phase, focus on dodging his two consecutive hammer swings by rolling either to the left or right before following up with a couple of light attacks. Make sure to dodge his final swing and unleash a devastating charge attack on his back. Do the same for his leap attack and prepare for his final form. 

Oliver’s beast form may look intimidating at first, but his attacks are just as easy to dodge. When Oliver raises his gigantic hammer over his head, be ready to roll to the right and continue to move out of the way until his three-hit combo has finished. Then get behind him and unleash another barrage of attacks. Lastly, keep an eye on Oliver’s hand and begin to back away when it glows red: then he’ll unleash an AoE blood barrier that deals a lot of damage. Rinse and repeat these steps for a successful victory.

Argent Wolf Berserker

Argent Wolf Berserker may look fearsome, but he’s easy to beat. This slowness of this oversized cub makes avoiding his colossal strikes relatively painless: circle around Berserker and get a backstab on him when he’s finished using his double axe slam, then unleash a charged attack while he’s down. 

There is no limit to how many backstabs you can perform in this fight, so bait him into attacking and get round it for some juicy damage. Occasionally Berserker unleashes a blood geyser that erupts directly in front of him, so roll to the side before it detonates to avoid taking unnecessary hits. Berserker may look tanky when compared to other early bosses, but with enough patience, you can send this wolf scurrying.

Butterfly of Delirium

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By the time you reach Butterfly of Delirium, you should have a weapon you’re comfortable using, a few Blood Codes, and some decent Gifts that you can use to bolster your DPS. For many this will be the first major test in the game. Unlike Oliver Collins, this boss wields poison-laced ranged and close-quarters attacks. This status effect melts your health bar, so make sure you have Antivenom equipped. Butterfly of Delirium uses her wings as a shield, cocooning herself before unleashing a lethal plume of poisonous gas. Weave in a few quick hits and roll out the way before she bursts out.

It can be tempting to settle for ranged attacks, but I found that playing aggressively made things much easier. Stick closely to her and be ready to dodge into each of her tail swings. Then barrage the beastly butterfly with light attacks and use your charged moves whenever she’s incapacitated. 

Sometimes Butterfly of Delirium will rain down five poisonous projectiles, so get ready to roll into one to avoid getting hit. If you’re close enough, you can dish out some extra damage during the animation’s downtime. During the final phase of the fight, Delirium fires out homing poison projectiles that follows you and explodes upon impact. If you keep moving and dodging they eventually dissipate. But if you have a Bayonet equipped you can shoot and detonate it early. 

Insatiable Despot

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Insatiable Despot starts this fight by unleashing a blood geyser that erupts from the ground next to you. This leaves behind a red crystal that spawns an enemy, so make sure you destroy this before you start swinging your sword. Once you’ve removed the Insatiable Despot’s comrade from the arena, land some meaty hits. Stick close to his legs and roll between them whenever he goes to swing his golden dual blades. He's tall, so a lot of his attacks will miss you if you stick to his left or right leg. When you’ve done enough damage, the Insatiable will drop onto all fours, giving you a lengthy window to unleash your most powerful gifts and charge attacks. 

For the second phase it drops its dual blades and tears out a double-bit axe from his chest. Unlike the dual blades, the axe has a much larger sweep and can hit you from afar if you’re not careful. Avoid it by sticking behind the Insatiable to avoid itsfrontal slams and lethal sweeps. Whenever it attempts an aerial slam, roll towards him and unleash a few attacks from behind while he’s busy pulling its weapon from the ground.

Invading Executioner

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The nimble Invading Executioner can run rings around you, especially if you get caught by her speed debuff. So consider switching to a caster Blood Code: this allows you to make use of incendiary ranged spells that keep you away from Executioner’s lightning-fast spear attacks and deal effective damage.

However, if you attempt the melee route, buff your weapon with fire damage and dodge into her slide attacks. When she initiates her spear slam, roll to the right and barrage her with light attacks. The added fire damage melts through the Executioner’s health bar and even causes her to flinch, giving you further opportunities to slash away.

Queen’s Knight / Queen’s Knight Reborn

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Queen’s Knight with menacing features, and the moves to back them up. While he looks slow, his dash attack can come as a surprise. To avoid being skewered, roll to the left or right and then sneak in a few light attacks before dodging again. During the first phase, he lashes out with lunge attacks, double-sword swings, and knock out single-shield hits, so keep to his side and get a few hits in where possible. The awkward timing of the shield bash can be tough to dodge, but if you do so backwards the attack never connects. 

Once you’ve got Queen’s Knight to half health, he’ll become enraged. Now Queen’s Knight bombards you with aerial attacks, leaping into the sky and slamming his sword into the ground. Keep your camera locked on: it'll help with your positioning. Look out for his triple leap, as it has an added AoE twist that can kill you if you’re not careful. On the third strike, he explodes a devastating blast. It takes time to initiate, and its beams are telegraphed in red outlines on the floor, so check those and roll to safety. Follow that up with any Gifts or damaging abilities to rip through his health bar.

Queen’s Knight Reborn appears later in the game, and while his kit is similar, he boasts a new teleport attack that can hit you from behind if you’re not paying attention. He's more aggressive, too, and attacks quicker. Replicate the strategy above to end this nightmarish knight’s tyranny for good.

Successor of the Ribcage

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This boss uses its fiery projectiles to burn players to crisp. Fortunately, the arena is filled with numerous pillars to cover from the blazing beast’s attacks. Then carefully approach the boss, and get slashin'. I found that Ribcage’s attacks rarely hit you if you stick to either itsside or back legs; chip away at her health until it teleports to the opposite side of the map. Just be ready to roll away from the glowing light that appears on the ground before she teleports. Rinse and repeat until you’re met with the cutscene and subsequent second phase. 

This is a little trickier due to Ribcage new spells, however the majority can still be avoided by hiding behind the pillars. Just like the first phase, duck behind them whenever gets magical. Whenever you see any effects glowing, roll out the way as Ribcage’s AoE spells deal lots of damage. One of Ribcage’s most lethal spells is her lightning barrage, so roll away and charge around her when it dissipates. Use a combination of light attacks and fast casting abilities until you’ve knocked her down, then finish her off with your lethal charged attacks.

Successor of the Breath

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This jet-powered knight is quite deceptive: both his movement and attacks are glacial, making the first phase of the fight a complete stomp. He’ll slowly punch the ground in front of him and try to hit you with single swings. All these attacks can be avoided by dodging to his left side and hitting him from behind. Consider taking Io as her Dark ranged attacks will take huge amounts off his health. Use your own Dark-based gifts, too, if you have them. You'll certainly want to do that for the second phase. 

After getting the Successor of the Breath to half health, he’ll quickly charge up and begin to unleash blisteringly fast attacks. The knight’s jets allow him to quickly charge down his foes and leap into the air at breakneck speed, forcing you to get defensive. Get ready to run out the way when the armored behemoth leaps into the air as the subsequent blast can finish you off. His punches and icicle slices are easy to dodge, so punish these attacks with charged hits before getting ready to dodge his speedier moves. If you're struggling to land hits with the game’s slower weapons, use a bayonet or one-handed sword.

Gilded Hunter

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Decent armour and bulkier Blood Codes are your friends in this fight. I recommend you upgrade both your weapons and armour as much as possible before starting it. Gilded Hunter is not only fast, he’s also extremely lethal if you get caught by his attacks. His forward lunge is telegraphed when he crouches down and his weapon emits a red aura, so make sure you dodge to the right and quickly punish him with some light attacks if he does that. Watch out for his spin attack: this hits up to two times and can fatally wound immediately should you fail to roll under both attacks. Get in some light attacks every time Gilded Hunter fails to hit you and try to bait his lunge for some free hits. 

Gilded Hunter gets even faster in the second phase and additional AoE damage on his normal swings. He often rains down orbs of blood-red energy before following up with a dash attack. You can roll through both these moves, so be aggressive and try to out-damage him as much as you can. Dish out as much DPS as possible as Gilded Hunter’s heavy-hitting moves can quickly consume a lot of your healing resources..

Successor of the Claw

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This fiery feline is another boss who uses their agility to overwhelm their foes before they can even land a hit. Infusing your weapon with ice and take advantage of Io's frosty skills, too. Roll through Claw's projectiles and nip away at her health bar with light attacks before backing away from her swipes. The majority of Claw’s moves hit those directly in front of her, so I found it best to stick to her side throughout the battle—just be ready to keep clear when she glows orange as she about to emit an AoE inferno. This attack is well telegraphed and gives you plenty of time to move. 

During the second phase, Claw will unsheathe her sword, swinging it in an arc at her attackers. Once again, roll through both swings and give her a taste of her own medicine. Look out for her backwards leap which throws out a wave of blazing shurikens in a line in front of her.

Successor of the Throat

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Avoiding Successor of the Throat’s attacks can be difficult, especially since she can effortlessly command the sand to form deadly hands from the ground. She can also hit enemies around her with lethal spin attacks. Fortunately you can block all her smash attacks if you happen to get caught short, so brace yourself and look for another window to attack. If you’re going for ranged attacks, watch out for the sand hands and spam your attacks when she’s done. 

During the final phase, the boss unleashes a flurry of tornadoes that tear through the arena. You can avoid these blustery attacks by spamming rolls and waiting for them to disappear before punishing her with charged attacks. Other than that she’ll mostly use the same attacks from the first phase.

Blade Bearer and Cannoneer

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This boss fight is arguably the hardest in the game. Those who of you have fought Ornstein and Smough will know just how difficult juggling two bosses at once can be, especially when you’re playing solo. We suggest dealing with Blade Bearer first as her agility can prove problematic if unchecked. Try luring Blade Bearer to one end of the map and roll between each of her three sword swings, sneaking in a few light attacks once she’s finished. When she starts her icicle leap, roll to the left and deliver another quick blow before evading her triple sword swings and dash attack. Her speed makes it difficult to pull off lengthy charged hits and abilities, so only use light attacks unless you’re confident in your timing. When Cannoneer gets close, run to the opposite side of the arena and repeat the same tactics outlined above until blade boi is no more.

With him out of the picture, you're free to focus all your efforts onto Cannoneer. This hulking giant may look intimidating, but he’s actually a cakewalk in comparison to his sword-loving companion. Unlike the Blade Bearer, Cannoneer is incredibly slow and uses his hand-mounted flamethrower to melt through his opponents’ health bars. Bait Cannoneer into using his flamer and circle around him to deliver charged hits. He’ll occasionally summon fire to erupt underneath you when you’re poking him at range, but if you keep on your toes this move will never be able to hit you. Don’t get greedy with your attacks and only go to hit him when you have plenty of time – after all, one false move and you could be forced to face this terrible twosome again.

Juzo Mido

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Juzo Mido is so cocky he doesn’t even need his sword to kill you. This revenant researcher delivers brutal backhands infused with dark red energy, while also summoning projectiles that can relieve you of huge amounts of health. Use a two-handed greatsword for this fight as you’ll be able to guard a lot of his attacks and punish his sluggish punches with charged swings. All of his attacks are well-telegraphed thanks to their red glow, so get ready to roll whenever you see him channelling this energy. Juzo will also begin to laugh uncontrollably after a certain amount of damage has been done, giving you time to unleash your hardest hitting attacks and Gifts. 

During his final phase, Juzo will summon floating orbs that will surround you and detonate should if you touch them. To avoid exploding in a cloud of blood, wait for them to disappear and commence your counterattack. Unlike phase one, Juzo will chain a lot of his attacks together, mixing his punches and sword slices together. It can be confusing at first, but if you’re patient with your attacks, you’ll wipe the smirk off this cocky opponent for good.

Attendant of Relics 

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While the Attendant of Relics may appear towards the very end of the game, she’s very easy to take down, especially when you have a heavy weapon that can consistently stagger opponents. Even light attacks from two-handed swords and hammers constantly stagger her and you’ll slash through her health bar with little to no effort. 

The fight gets even easier when you have a fellow companion with you. While the Attendant of Relics may be agile, her attacks are easy to evade. She’ll cycle through spins, lunges, and downward strikes, but none of this will matter when you can just stagger her after each attack.

Skull King 

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If you were disappointed by the previous boss, Skull King will get your heart racing once again. This boss is far from easy and you’ll need to take extra care here if you wish to avoid becoming this dog’s dinner. His two large golden blades can make short work of you if you happen to get caught by any of his sword swipes. In the first phase of the fight Skull King unleashes a mixture of double-sword swings, lunges, aerial slams, and AoE energy blasts that can quickly overwhelm you. It’s often best to dodge into his sword swings, positioning yourself behind him, and dealing a few light attacks before readying yourself for another wave of slashes. Keep well away whenever Skull King’s body glows red: he’ll unleash a lethal blast that knocks you off your feet, leaving you vulnerable to future attacks. 

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Skull King enters his hyper aggressive stage which increases his speed and range. His slashes are more potent and can hit up to three times, while his aerial slam covers more ground thanks to the addition of his red energy.  Only attack after you’ve successfully dodged these slashes and don’t get too greedy.

The Virgin Born

Code Vein’s final boss uses its hulking size to deliver high damage physical hits and large energy blasts. Despite its high health and ludicrous damage output, The Virgin Born is actually a pretty simple fight—in fact, the first phase of the fight poses very little threat at all. Try to stick to The Virgin Born’s side and unleash a volley of charge attacks before running out the way when the ground begins to glow blue. This attack sees a huge beam of blue light to erupt from the ground, so retreat and resume your assault once the attack is over. Just remember to roll through the beast’s claw attacks if you’re facing it head on. Stamina management is half the battle, so only do a couple of charge attacks as this will leave you with enough stamina to take evasive action. 

During the final phase of the fight, the Virgin Born takes to the sky and fires a volley of blinding white projectiles that cover nearly every area of the battlefield. When you see the beast fly into the sky, it’s imperative you run to the edge of the arena and spam dodge to avoid taking any lethal damage. It will occasionally fires three light projectiles directly in front of it, so try to roll through them before they hit you. Aside from that, the fight is largely the same as the first phase. Take your time and keep your health topped up whenever you take severe damage.