Good luck finding Call of Duty: Warzone's three powerful new guns

Warzone Season 2
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Because it wouldn't be a Warzone update without a few surprises, it looks like last night's Warzone Season 2 update added a lot more weapons to the game than we initially thought. On top of the announced FARA 83 assault rifle and LC10 SMG, three other guns have snuck their way into the game, but you won't find them anywhere in your loadouts.

The surprise weapons are the CX-9 SMG, Sykov pistol, and the RAAL MG. Fully-kitted blueprints of each gun can be found right now in Verdansk, but only from loot crates. Based on what we're seeing so far, these legendary tier blueprints are very powerful.

Particularly, the CX-9 SMG is already showing potential as a powerhouse in short-to-mid range fights. Here's a taste of the gun in action.

I too found a CX-9 in Warzone and it shreds. (Small Montage) from r/CODWarzone

Yow, that's an impressive fire rate. It's hard to take exact measurements before the gun is officially available in loadouts, but the CX-9 appears to chew through enemies from full health about as well as the current meta pick, the MAC-10. The blueprint that can be found as loot features a 50-round drum magazine. That alone can be a major advantage in Warzone's scrappy firefights.

From what we can tell, the RAAL MG is no pushover either. The blueprint includes a rare laser sight with a built-in rangefinder, which could help compensate for bullet drop if you're still learning the game.

So the NEW RAAL LMG is OVERPOWERED 😅 from r/CODWarzone

We'll see if the RAAL proves to be as "overpowered" as the above clip's title claims. The damage it doles out is impressive, but that recoil was no joke.

Then there's the Sykov pistol. The blueprint currently found in Warzone is already a potent killer set to full-auto, but players have been speculating that the weapon could prove to be wildly overpowered once it's available to modify in loadouts. Later unlocks for the pistol include Akimbo and 80-round drum mags that doubles to 160 when dual-wielded. It's a ton of raw firepower up close, as you can see in the video below. For now, you can only access this configuration in Modern Warfare's Survival mode.

If those pistols are half as effective against armor-plated players as they are on squishy NPC mobs, I'm going to steer clear of their line-of-fire.

Activision has made a habit of hiding secret blueprints across Verdansk, but this is the first time entire weapons have been introduced exclusively through loot. This could be explained by the fact that all three weapons are unreleased holdovers from Modern Warfare. It's unlikely that any of the three will be available in Cold War, so Raven might be trying to keep weapon pools consistent while Cold War is still the new game on the block.

It's a big week in the world of Warzone and Black Ops - Cold War. The open-world Zombies mode Outbreak is out and free for anyone to try for a week. Evidence is also pointing toward Warzone's Verdansk map getting overrun with Zombies sometime in Season 2.

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