Everything we know about Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone Season 4

Warzone Season 4 release date
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Looking for the latest on the Cold War and Warzone Season 4 update? The new season is now underway and adds new weapons, operators, maps, and modes to Cold War Multiplayer and Warzone. It seems that some mysterious Warzone red doors are also operational in Verdansk, too. 

The new season hasn't been ushered in with the bombast of an annihilated map like last time. There's still plenty to get stuck into though, such as Ground Fall, the limited-time event will have you scrambling to find Warzone uplink stations. So if you're ready to get started, here's everything we know about Cold War and Warzone Season 4.

Release date

When is the Cold War and Warzone Season 4 release date? 

Good news! Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone Season 4 went live on June 17.

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Watch each Warzone Season 4 trailer

The gameplay trailer above was the first glimpse we had of Season 4, including the new Operator, Jackal, the Dirt Bike, and glimpses of various new maps and modes.

The cinematic trailer shows us the events leading to the satellites crashing down onto Verdansk. Not quite as explosive as the nuke event, but still pretty impressive.

Looking for more details on the Season 4 battle pass? The trailer above gives us a better look at some of the new operators, weapons, and skins that have arrived in Cold War and Warzone. 

Warzone map, event, vehicles, and modes

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Warzone Season 4 map changes and event

There have been some changes to Verdansk ‘84—though perhaps not as drastic or explosive as seen at the end of Season 3. 

"The sky is falling" was a big clue from the trailer, and it seems that several satellites have crash-landed in Verdansk. You'll be able to investigate the extensive crash sites and secure the satellites. Sat-Links that can be found in the area will help give you an advantage in the new Ground Fall event. 

Like Hunt for Adler in Season 3, the limited-time Ground Fall event can be completed in both Cold War and Warzone. You'll be taking on challenges connected to the new maps, modes, and weapons in return for Calling Cards, Emblems, and a Satellite Weapon Charm.

Additionally, the Standoff Gulag has replaced by the Hijacked Gulag at the launch of Season 4. 

Ride the new Dirt Bike

The new Dirt Bike is available in various locations across Verdansk since the launch of Season 4. This highly mobile scrambler will be the fastest vehicle in Warzone, so if you can grab one, you'll be able to zip across the map in no time. Dirt Bike skins unlocked in Cold War can be used to customise your bike, too. 

Warzone Season 4: New game modes 

Verdansk gets two new modes in Season 4:

  • Verdansk Resurgence Mini: Reduces the lobby to 44 players, includes special supply boxes, a Resurgence timer, alerts from friendly deaths, with no Gulag.
  • Payload: In Warzone's first-ever objective game mode you must escort two caravans through various checkpoints.

Red doors

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What's with the red doors in Verdansk? 

The information surrounding Warzone's red doors is pretty vague, though it seems they can be used as a way to teleport around Verdansk, though the cost and the risks involved is still unclear. Here's the blurb from the official site:

"Our intel cannot explain the origin of these mysterious red doors around Verdansk, but one thing is certain: They allow you to [[REDACTED]] around the [[REDACTED]]. What’s behind them? Explore and enter them to [[REDACTED]] across the [[REDACTED]].

Red Doors won’t [[REDACTED]] unless you ping them, and after you step through, there’s no telling [[REDACTED]] exiting out the other side… and stepping into a [[REDACTED]]."


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Here are the new Cold War and Warzone Season 4 guns

Another new season, another batch of new weapons—this time there are five new firearms to wield. The new Cold War and Warzone Season 4 weapons are:

  • MG 82 LMG: Launch
  • C58 Assault Rifle: Launch
  • Nail Gun Special/SMG: Launch
  • OTs 9 SMG: Later in the season
  • Mace: Later in the season


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Meet the new Warzone Season 4 operators 

You can get a good look at one of the new operators in the Season 4 trailer. And there are two more operators joining him. Check them out below:. 

  • Jackal: Warsaw Pact: Launch week
  • Salah: NATO: Later in the season
  • Weaver: NATO: Later in the season

Cold War Multiplayer changes

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New Cold War Multiplayer modes in Season 4 

Win more with these Warzone loadouts

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There are three modes in Call of Duty: Cold War for Season 4, but we've seen two of them before:

Multi-Team Sat-Link
Each team is tasked with uploading crucial intel via a Sat-Link marked on the map. The team that is the first to reach the score limit wins. Available launch week.

One in the Chamber
This mode was first introduced in the original Black Ops. The premise is simple—you start with three lives and one lethal bullet. Killing a player gives you another bullet and even melee attacks are lethal here. Available launch week.

Capture the Flag
An old favourite returns where squads need to take the enemy's flag and return it to their base while defending their own. Available later in the season.

New Cold War Season 4 maps 

In addition to the new modes, three new maps also arrived with the new season, including Black Ops 2's map, Hijacked. The fourth map, Rush, won't be available until later. 

  • Collateral 12v12 and Collateral Strike 6v6: Available launch week
  • Amsterdam 2v2 and 3v3: Available launch week
  • Hijacked 6v6: Available launch week
  • Rush 6v6: Available later in the season

New Cold War Scorestreak 

The new Hand Cannon Scorestreak gives you access to the powerful firearm from the Desperate Measures mission in the campaign. The bullets do a tremendous amount of damage to any Operators and can be used to help take out enemy vehicle Scorestreaks. Choose your targets carefully as you'll only have eight rounds.


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Outbreak: New region and map

A new Cold War Outbreak region is available in Season 4, deep within the Ural Mountains. The zoo area—we got a glimpse of it in the Season 4 trailer, above—has been overtaken by the dead and you'll need to deal with all kinds of undead creatures if you want to survive here.

A new Main Quest, Operation Excision, serves as a 'narrative prologue' for the new Zombies map, Mauer der Toten, arriving later in the season.

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