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Where to find all the loot-filled bunkers of Warzone

cod warzone bunker locations codes
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Looking to break into a Call of Duty: Warzone bunker to kit out your squad? Finding a bunker isn't particularly difficult most of the time, but unlocking them to reap the rewards inside can be risky. It's worth the danger, though, as bunkers can contain enough loot to give you and your teammates a serious edge, with armor plates to spare. 

Some bunkers are far easier to find than others, such as the bunker located at the Verdansk Airport, added with Call of Duty:  Black Ops – Cold War Season 1. To help you out with those harder-to-find bunkers, we've put together this guide to all of their locations. (Reaching them unharmed is another matter entirely, and will rely on some luck.)

If you manage to arrive at a bunker relatively unscathed, you'll need the Warzone bunker codes to access the goodies inside, and this guide provides all the information you'll need. Read on for the Warzone bunker locations and codes, as well as the tricky-to-access bunker 11 and locked stadium doors.

Following the announcement process of Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War, it appears likely that bunker-type puzzles might be used for other upcoming in-game reveals. With that in mind, be sure to check back for any new Warzone bunkers to scope out.

All Warzone bunker codes: Every new location and combination 

The standard bunkers have been around for a while now (check further down this page if you don't know where to find them), so we'll start with the newest ones. The Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War reveal puzzle introduced more doors and keypads, earning you loot and clues for the reveal if you managed to get inside. 

As of Warzone Season 6, the handy Foresight killstreak, which allows you to see future circles on the map, can also be found inside these bunkers. While the drop rate has already been nerfed, it's still a worthwhile addition to your loadout if you can get your hands on it. 

Check out the video above to find the locations of all of these bunkers or, if you prefer a written version, take a look at the list below. Unlike the one at the stadium, these access codes are all fixed:

Warzone Airport bunker location 

New bunker in verdansk from r/CODWarzone

As well as the addition of Rebirth Island and a bunch of new guns, Cold War Season 1 also sneaked in a new bunker—and the best bit is, you don't even need a code to get inside. To crack this bunker, you'll need to locate an actual crack in the runway at Verdansk Airport. Jump in to locate a tunnel that leads to a forgotten Soviet bunker, just brimming with rare supply crates. Reddit user Mundoschristmas posted a video showing the exact location, and you can check it out above.

The only real issue with this particular bunker is its very public location. It's a lot of loot with no real restrictions, so you can bet there will be plenty of players vying for the rewards.

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All old Warzone bunker locations

Here is a list of all the original Warzone bunker locations. If you're looking for the secret bunkers with keypads outside, however, scroll back up this page.

You can also check the map above if you need a reference. Just be aware that some of the locations are incredibly close together so the indicators may be slightly off. The descriptions below should help you out:

  • 00: On the coast south of Promenade West, head down the cliff as if you're going out of bounds to find the path to this mischievously hidden spot.
  • 01: North of the go kart track and southwest of Boneyard.
  • 02: Drive north along the road from the previous bunker.
  • 03: Right next to bunker 02, but you'll need to drop through a trap door.
  • 04: Southeast of Dam, in the cliffs above the large Russian sign.
  • 05: On the west side of Crash Site.
  • 06: On the far east side of the map between Quarry and Lumber, above the train tunnel.
  • 07: East of TV station, northeast of Stadium. Look for another trap door.
  • 08: Opposite bunker 07, head down the steps inside.
  • 09: Northeast of Prison, cut into the cliff below the bridge.
  • 10: South of Tavorsk Park on Verdansk's southern edge.

How to get into a non-keypad Warzone bunker 

You'll need to find a Red Access Card if you hope to infiltrate one of the non-keypad bunkers. They are pretty rare and can only be found inside legendary crates—and even then you're not guaranteed to get one. Once you've secured an access card, you'll need to make it to a bunker in one piece. That's easier said than done, however, as players often flock to these sites either with their own key cards to use, or in the hope of saving themselves some work and pinching yours.

Providing you can make it this far, look for the keypad to the right of the door. You need to interact with this to make the horizontal yellow bars unlock and the door will then open. Assuming you aren't jumped at the last minute, have fun looting your rewards!

If you're looking to find the secrets contained within Warzone bunker 11, you'll find more details on that below.

Warzone bunker 11 phones (Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Warzone bunker 11: Here are the phone locations 

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(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

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Bunker 11 is different from the other bunkers you'll come across in Warzone. Located northwest of the Military Base, no key card will grant you access to this one. There's a bit of legwork involved in order to claim the loot inside. You'll need to track down certain phones and and either brush up on your Russian or reference the guide below—the latter is probably easiest.

First of all, you'll need to track down the right phone in order to proceed to the next step. If you take a look at the map above, the five blue Xs mark the location of the phones that you should check. Most will give you a dial tone but you're looking for the phone that plays you a message in Russian. Listen out for three numbers and once you've got noted them down, you can continue to the next step.

If you're Russian is a bit rusty, you can check out the list below for help:

  • 0: ноль ("nohl")
  • 1: один ("a-deen")
  • 2: два ("dva")
  • 3: три ("tree")
  • 4: четыре ("chye-tir-ye")
  • 5: пять ("pyat")
  • 6: шесть ("shest")
  • 7: семь ("syem")
  • 8: восемь ("vo-syem")
  • 9: девять ("dyev-yat")

Now that you've got the three numbers, you and your squad should head to the corresponding phones. Each number you received represents a specific phone and you'll need to visit these in the order that you heard them and listen to their messages. The red numbers on the map above correspond to each of the phones, so it should be easy to work out which three you need to visit to unlock the bunker.

Once you're done with the phones, head to Warzone bunker 11 and claim your prizes. You'll find the Mud Dauber blueprint for the MP7, two miniguns, and a healthy amount of supply crates to loot. And while you there, don't forget to check out the nuke in a separate room and in a state of assembly. You'll need to leave that particular piece of equipment where it is though.

How to access the Warzone stadium bunker 

Now that Season 5 has launched, players can venture inside Verdansk's central stadium. Perhaps not surprisingly, a bunker is located here and this too has a keypad. Getting into this brand new bunker is quite a challenge, but this Warzone stadium access code guide should help you out. You'll need to get past multiple keycard doors and as the stadium access code changes with each match, you'll have to go through the same process each time you want to access the loot inside.