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Fortnite's Hearts Wild Valentine's Day event is rolling along, and players have several chances to earn a bunch of extra XP. Love is in the air, and it smells fishy—Fishstick-y, that is. Thankfully, we can mask that with a bit of chocolate. One of this week's quests is to "find chocolate boxes at Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, or Retail Row."

Rather than scouring the map for these hard-to-find items, check out our guide below for the locations of chocolate boxes. You'll need to collect three, so you'll have to visit at least two to finish the job. 

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Pleasant Park chocolate box locations

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Chocolate box location 1: In the southeast house (the one with the short cliff elevating it), head up to the top floor and look for the box on the nightstand by the side of the bed.

Chocolate box location 2: The yellow house on the west-northwest side of Pleasant Park. On the ground level, you'll find a desk with the chocolate box on it.

Holly Hedges chocolate box location

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Chocolate box location 1: You'll find the chocolate box on a bench at the garden on the north side of town.

For your trouble, you'll get 20,000 XP. Don't forget to get your actual IRL valentine a gift for the holiday. No excuses.

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