Capcom is counting down to a possible Street Fighter 6 announcement

Street Fighter character Chun-Li
(Image credit: Capcom)

Because there's nothing gamers like better than an inscrutable countdown, Capcom has kicked one off that's set to run for a whole week.What's it leading to? Aside from the inevitable server crash, there's no clear sign at this point—but there is speculation

The countdown page indicates days and hours remaining in a large white font on a dark, vaguely hazy background with a slowly pulsating light emanating from the top of the screen. Nothing about the imagery stands out (although die-hard Capcom fans might be able to discern something familiar in the font or color choice), and there are no telltale hints to be found in the page source either.

Where does that leave us? As mentioned above, with speculation, which I actually like even more than countdowns. Some people think that a Street Fighter 6 announcement is in the offing, which seems reasonable: The finals for the Street Fighter 5 tournament Capcom Pro Tour are set to conclude on February 20, which is also when the countdown ends—although it'll bleed over into February 21 in some time zones. And it's about time for SF6 to happen. Street Fighter 5 is fully six years old now, and Capcom has indicated previously that it's looking ahead to "the future of Street Fighter."

But there's also the possibility of a Resident Evil 4 remake, which fans continue to hold out hope for (and which would seem to be a better fit with the overall visual vibe of the countdown site), or the Resident Evil Village DLC (some of it, anyway) that was revealed last year. 

More outside bets seen on the Capcom subreddit include news about Dragon's Dogma 2, Pragmata, some Monster Hunter business (although that hardly seems worthy of a countdown), or a rebirth of Deep Down, a PS4-exclusive game announced in 2013 that's been trapped in development hell for years. I don't think any of those options are very likely but the fun thing about countdowns is, you just never know until 10-15 minutes after the clock hits zero.

We'll update if Capcom drops any hints about what's in store over the week—or what it turns out to be when the countdown hits zero. (After the inevitable server crash, that is.)

Andy Chalk

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