BloodSouls mod brings Bloodborne's hunters to Dark Souls

Dark Souls modder Abject has an impressive turnover when it comes to Souls mods. The last few months alone have seen Shovel Knight, Doom, Berserk, and pop culture fads among others transported to the sombre ruins of Lordran. 

From Software's equally nightmarish console cousin Bloodborne is the latest to receive Abject's attention, which comes with a typical serving of tongue-in-cheek humour.

There's more to BloodSouls from a practical perspective, though, as it adds Bloodborne's Saw Cleaver and Blunderbuss weapons, and swaps the base game's Dark Sword and Light Crossbow icons to suit. 

As always BloodSouls requires DSFix in order to change said icons and this mod's HUD adjustments, while DSMODT lets you load 3D models and textures in turn.

More information, including installation instructions, can be found via BloodSouls' Nexus Mods page.