Dark Souls has a Fidget Spinner mod, Doom Souls out now [Updated]

Update: After bringing Shovel Knight to Dark Souls, hobbyist modder Abject has now launched his Lordran-meets-hell Doom Souls mod alongside two other equally eccentric projects: Fidget Spinner and Rick Souls. 

Details on how Doom Souls alters From Software's nightmarescape feature below, while the Nexus Mods file for Fidget spinners comes with a fidget spinning 3D model, an inventory icon of the Fidget Spinner itself, and adjustments to the base game's maps and textures. 

Rick Souls includes much of the same with models and icons of the Portal Gun, Hammer Morty and the Plumbus. New textures of Rick's clothes and their respective icons feature too. 

Head here for Doom Souls, here for Fidget Spinner and here for Rick Souls. 

To mark the launch of all three mods, Abject has put together the following video. Beware of gratuitous expletives.

Original story:

Hobbyist modder Abject has spent the past several months crafting some weird and wonderful Dark Souls mods, the best of which transport other games into the nightmarescape of Lordran. 

Shovel Souls is easily my pick of Abject's bunch—although this tongue-in-cheek in-development Fidget Spinners mod is good fun—however the creator's latest work-in-progress is also pretty cool. 

Doom Souls, as the name suggests, brings Doom 2016 and the original Dark Souls together—adding a Doom-inspired HUD and objective icons, gunfire sound effects, and a functioning reticule in third-person. Costume-wise, Abject's character uses TehForcer's Crystalline Helm without the crystals mod. 

Check out the Doom Souls mod in action below, and know that Abject plans to have it ready for download "soon". I imagine this is down to Abject continued support of Shovel Souls, however the turnover between teaser and launch in that instance was pretty fast.