You can now play as Berserk's Guts in Dark Souls

The Japanese dark manga series Berserk is said to have inspired the likes of Dynasty Warriors and Dark Souls—the latter of which owes much of its sombre and disparate aesthetic to the animated works of Kentaro Miura. Now, Souls modder Abject has reversed these roles by bringing Berserk's esteemed protagonist Guts to Lordran. 

Before we look at that in action, however, let me first show you YouTube person Gidrah's 'Berserk References in Dark Souls' side-by-side comparison video. It offers an interesting look at some of the elements Miyazaki has drawn from the Berserk universe.

Interesting, huh? I've never gotten into the Berserk manga series, but as a long serving Souls fan things like this make me want to. Anyway, onto Abject's latest mod—the aptly named Berserk Souls:

Like most of Abject's back catalogue of Souls mods—not least Shovel Souls and Fidget Souls—this one replaces a load of textures and tinkers with some of the game's 3D models. Here, the most noticeable changes replace the base game's Zweihander and Crossbow icons for the Guts' iconic Dragonslayer and Avelyn arsenal.

More information, including installation instructions, can be found via the mod's Nexus page.