Blightbound gameplay trailer shows off frenzied co-op dungeon crawling

VIDEO: The Blightbound trailer from the PC Gaming Show. Also on YouTube.

At the PC Gaming Show today, we got a look at some frenzied gameplay from Blightbound, the co-op dungeon crawler coming to Steam Early Access this summer.

In Blightbound, which can be played co-op locally or online, three players choose between warrior, assassin, or mage, and battle scores of monsters in a doomed and deadly fantasy world. The realm has fallen under The Blight, a corrupting fog that resulted from the death of the Shadow Titan, a legendary creature slain decades ago—by heroes who unfortunately didn't realize killing the beast would plunge the world into darkness and horror. These things happen.

As you hack and slash your way through mobs and defeat bosses, you'll also need a bit of strategy and good timing: players can synchronize their ultimate abilities with their partners to unleash mega-damage on their foes. You'll also solve puzzles, gather loot, and recruit new heroes to add to your roster as you defeat the hordes in three different lands and numerous dungeons.

Blightbound comes to us from Romino Games, maker of Awesomenauts and Swords and Soldiers, and it's releasing this year.

Christopher Livingston
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