The best gaming headset is on sale for $54.99 for Cyber Monday

BlackShark V2 Cyber Monday deal
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Razer BlackShark V2 CouRageJD Edition | 50mm drivers | 12-28,000Hz| Closed-back | Wired | $109.99$54.99 at Best Buy (save $55)

Razer BlackShark V2 CouRageJD Edition | 50mm drivers | 12-28,000Hz| Closed-back | Wired | $109.99 $54.99 at Best Buy (save $55)
The BlackShark dethroned the HyperX Cloud Alpha to become our top gaming headset, with sound quality "far above what you will get with most other sets in this price point," thanks to drivers with smartly separated bass, mids, and treble.

The big day might be behind us, now we're on the hunt for the best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals. This include's Razer's BlackShark V2, the ruler of our best gaming headset guide, at $55, nearly half its normal price. This is a very good deal on a headset we happily recommended at $100.

The discount on Razer's store only applies to a specific version of the BlackShark V2, the "CouRageJD Edition." This yellow and blue take on the headset was designed with YouTuber CourageJD, so it doesn't feature Razer's usually black and green aesthetic. But if you don't mind the words "Take Over" on your earcups, this is the cheapest way to get the best gaming headset around.

The regular black version of the BlackShark V2 is just under $70 on Amazon, which is still a decent deal, but not unprecedented; it hit that same discount during Prime Day. $55 is comparatively a real bargain.

Here's a bit more from our review on why we love the BlackShark V2, which we scored a 92

"If I'm being very picky I'd maybe say that I can hear a little more separation of the higher frequencies with the HyperX Cloud Alpha—mostly when the THX software is enabled—but there is a richness to the mids, and some velvety bass notes, that you only get with the BlackShark V2.

The Razer Synapse software then allows you to tune that detailed audio to your heart's content, thanks to the bundled USB sound card that comes in the box. This also gives you access to that THX Spatial Audio software. To my genuinely complete surprise, this actually enhances not just the gaming experience, but also improves the experience of listening to high-resolution music too."

The BlackShark V2 came out in November 2020, and nothing's topped it in the two years since. 

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