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The Outer Worlds
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Another week is in the record books, and we've got the words to prove it. As we rocketed towards Halloween, there was a lot happening in PC gaming this week: New games coming out, new rumors about games that haven't yet come out, and another streaming star migrating from Twitch to Mixer. 

Here are the top stories from this week:

Arkham Legacy may be the title of the next Batman game

This is a rumor from a historically reliable source, Twitter user @New_WabiSabi. And this time around, you may get to play as other members of the Wayne family. I'm guess I'm not up on Batman lore because I thought the default state of the Wayne family, except for Bruce, was 'lying dead in an alley' but maybe he's got some aunts or cousins or something?

Steam sale dates have leaked again

Everyone loves Steam sales, and everyone loves leaks. Ready your wallets and clear out some drive space, because SteamDB has surmised that a Halloween Sale begins on October 28, followed by an Autumn Sale on November 26, with the Winter Sale planned for December 19.

Player claims Fallout 1st domain to protest Fallout 76's subscription

Fallout 76 has a subscription now, though it's a bit broken and people hate it. Someone hated it so much they registered a domain that Bethesda didn't claim for itself ( and plastered it with angry and profane spoof copy for the subscription service. Ouch.

Shroud ditches Twitch for Mixer

Microsoft has nabbed another top tier talent for its streaming service. Michael "Shroud" Grzsesiek has followed Ninja over to Mixer, leaving Twitch behind. Shroud's announcement trailer for his exodus is good fun, at least.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out

And it's good! Morgan says it's now "the new Call of Duty to beat" and he would know because he knows a lot about shooty games. 

The Outer Worlds is also out

And it's also good! Tom's review praised its colorful universe full of jokes, though he also notes that it lacks some depth.

WWE 2K20 is also, also out

And it's ridiculous! I don't think any of us have played it here at PC Gamer, but the internet has, and they've recorded a whole bunch of hilarious glitches.

More news

Around the office

Phil used to tend bar, so when tavern management sim Crossroads Inn came along we naturally forced him to play it. He found it pretty accurate, what with the demanding customers and wine snobs and recently impoverished dukes setting fire to the place.

Robin passed on the drinks and went for the drugs, taking a look at Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, the game based on the Netflix series. He was surprised to find the turn-based strategy was pretty adventurous.

Wes spent $1 on a pinball game featuring with a naked Jeff Goldblum. And somehow he still feels ripped off.

Meanwhile, Lauren took a look at a demo of the perspective-bending puzzler Superliminal, where objects can go from tiny to huge depending on how you look at them. Fraser delivered a preview of Crusader Kings 3, which doesn't feel like a drastic departure from CK2. Not that that's a bad thing, really. 

Tyler and Wes tried out Steam's Remote Play Together feature, which brings local co-op to the internet, and it works well if you've got a good internet connection.

As for me (I'm Chris, hello), I played The Outer Worlds, where I decided to stick all my skill points into speech. And only speech. That worked out fine, especially since speech skills (somehow) also help you in combat. I wound up becoming quite fond of the robot companion, SAM, as well. He's delightfully uncomplicated.

And for our weekly groupthinks, we all tried to figure out what's missing from PC gaming and since we're buckling down for BlizzCon we've also got some predictions that will all turn out to be 100% correct. Have a great weekend!

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