Rainbow Six Siege player who screamed 'she's lit!' into mic exaggerated, say teammates

Taina “Caveira” Pereira, pictured here at a comfortable 62 health. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Multiple sources on the attacking team are disputing the claims of a recently expired Blackbeard, who reported that "Cav is lit in blue bar" approximately 16 seconds ago. 

"Cav is not lit," said an area Thermite while being questioned at knife point by the Brazilian interrogator. "She's at like, half health," he added. 

Three other members of the attacking team say that an earlier claim from the Blackbeard, who reported that Rook was "lit on site," also proved false.

"He was nowhere near lit," said an irritated Hibana. "He had quite a bit of health, actually, partly because he's the guy who distributes armor to everyone. That's his ability."

The Blackbeard, who died after walking into a Kapkan trap while engaging with Caveira, insists that he "totally had her." He also maintains that he "almost downed Rook" earlier in the round, repeating that he was "definitely lit."

"I understand that Blackbeard wants to feel like he contributed, but making false claims can be dangerous," said the Thermite. "It's OK to admit that you only nicked a leg."

Following the round, Thermite and Hibana suggested that they call out specific health levels when that information is available. They have also reminded the team that there are multiple stairwells and floors in most buildings, and that simply saying "stairs" is not useful.

According to a team member who chose to remain anonymous, the Blackbeard is playing Clash next round. 

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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