Modders realise Borderlands 3 cutscenes are easily replaced, comedy ensues

Borderlands 3 screenshots
(Image credit: Gearbox)

Players are re-writing Borderlands 3 one sight gag at a time thanks to a minor modding discovery. While the real guts of the game aren't easily accessible, Gearbox appear to have left their pre-rendered cutscenes (used in overlays and on video-screens in game) in plain old MP4 video format, letting you simply replace them with whatever tickles your funnybone. Unsurprisingly, things got weird, fast, starting with "Dooger" on Twitter testing the waters with a bizarre russian Shrimp rave.

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Unsurprisingly, things escalated quickly. It was only a matter of time before the eternally oiled-up Ricardo Milos danced his way into this fracas. As more people discover this trick, expect to see every video with any shred of memetic value making its way into the game.

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The sky seems to be the limit here. Borderlands 3 is arguably at its weakest when it's trying to deliver a halfway serious story, so any opportunity to throw a spanner in the works is appreciated. Even if it is just surface level visual changes, it's a start, and I'm hopeful that industrious tinkerers will be able to inject more custom stuff into the game soon.

Dominic Tarason
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