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What to expect from the PC Gaming Show at E3

In 10 days, we’ll broadcast the PC Gaming Show on Twitch and YouTube, live from Los Angeles. We’re excited to bring this event back to E3. The purpose of the PC Gaming Show is not to compete with the press conferences put on by Ubisoft, Bethesda, and others (if anything we’ve gained respect for what it takes to organize such an event), but to help shine a light on the many exciting, cool and weird projects being made in every corner of the PC universe. We want to showcase a little bit of the amazing stuff that’s happening on PC and celebrate the platform we call home.

The PC Gaming Show starts at 11:30 AM Pacific (2:30 PM ET, 6:30 PM GMT) on Monday, June 13 and will run for 90 minutes. If you tune in, you can expect a mixture of exclusive new footage, new trailers, new details on existing games, and unscripted conversations between developers and our host, Sean ‘Day9’ Plott.

Following the main presentation, we’re airing additional interviews and gameplay footage with some of our participants, which we’ll use as an opportunity to dig into greater detail on some of the games and hardware shown on stage.

 ...Plus a couple more guests that we want to keep as a surprise.

As I said last year, we think it’s important for PC gaming to have this kind of showcase. E3 isn’t the extent of the gaming industry, but the notion that it should primarily be a showcase for the biggest publishers in the world doesn’t line-up with the state of the industry. The insane, ambitious medieval sandbox of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord deserves to be right alongside Ubisoft and EA’s big announcements, and we’re happy to help that along.

The PC Gaming Show is free to attend—all you have to do is reserve a ticket online. If you’re around Los Angeles or will be in town for E3, we’d love to save a seat for you at The Theatre at Ace Hotel, the beautiful venue we booked (seriously, look at that ceiling). 

PC Gaming Show schedule

10 AM Venue doors open
11:10 - 11:25 AM The Steam Speedrun, presented by Razer
11:30 AM - 1 PM Main program
1 - 2 PM Post-show interviews and extras

Where to watch

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