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Today on The PC Gamer Show: A supersized show with special guests!


It's time for a supersized episode of The PC Gamer Show live on Twitch!

This week we'll have two special guests joining us on the show: Brad Logston, Senior Producer at Trendy Entertainment, and Liam O'Neill, Associate Producer at Fatshark Games.

We'll be starting the show an hour early (12pm PT) to play Dungeon Defenders 2 with the folks from Trendy, and then we'll also have a new gameplay video of Fatshark's Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide to play at the end of the show.

For our regular podcast portion at 1pm PT, we'll be talking about the rise of PvE co-op games, real--money economies in games like CS:GO, video game books, upcoming games we are looking forward to, and more—including a post-apocalyptic Catfantastic quiz and our usual Twitch chat Q&A.

Watch along from 12-3pm PT today on Twitch, and toss us some feedback on Twitter or here in the comments!

You can also listen to last week's episode right here.