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The Steam Winter Sale is now live

Steam Winter Sale 2015

The rumors were true: Christmas has come slightly early because the Steam Winter Sale is now live.

As with the previous sale, there are no daily or flash deals in the Winter Sale, but that doesn't mean there aren't deals to be found. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is half-price, and if you haven't tried The Witcher 2 yet, it's 85 percent off, as is the original. Metal Gear Solid V is 33 percent off, and Telltale's Game of Thrones series is also marked down for the sale.

There are also Steam trading cards to collect, some of which you can pick up simply by browsing your Discovery Queue. The feature is a bit overloaded at the moment (such is the way during the opening moments of Steam sales) but you can dig into it here when it's working (and also enjoy the exciting comic book adventures of Gingerbreak Jake in "Northpole Noir") or get more details about the trading card extravaganza by way of this handy FAQ.

The 2015 Steam Winter Sale is live now and runs until 10 am PST on January 4.

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