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Supergiant's Pyre still looks gorgeous in E3 trailer

I'm still not entirely sure what Supergiant's Pyre is, but Tom Marks' description of it as "The Oregon Trail mixed with Rocket League" helped a bit. One thing I am sure of is that it looks chuffing beautiful, putting even Bastion and Transistor to shame with what we've seen of it so far.

Here's an E3 trailer that seems to be recycling a lot of footage from the last one, but that offers a new Darren Korb song and some expository narration. You're a band of exiles who've been naughtily "tampering with forbidden knowledge", apparently, and the only way out of the prison world you find yourself trapped in is to embark upon a road trip—a road trip that somehow encompasses a fantasy sport featuring a big glowing beach ball.

Pyre is still due sometime in 2017. We don't have a more concrete date yet.