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Steam Greenlight approves 75 more games, including Catacomb Kids and Frontiers

75 more games have been given the big green thumbs up that means they're allowed to be on Steam, as announced on, well, Steam a couple of days ago. It's a list that includes the recently announced ( Frontiers ) and the long-overdue ( I Get This Call Every Day ), while reminding me that Catacomb Kids is a thing that I need in my life. You can find the full list here .

That giant list also includes Chaos Reborn, Julian Gollop's Kickstarterable return to fantasy strategy, and Wander , AKA that game that lets you play as a tree . If you hadn't already guessed, the one I'm most excited about is Catacomb Kids, which you can see in video form below.

So that's 75 down, 68392923585920 to go - or thereabouts. As ever, being greenlit only means that these games will appear on Steam sometime down the line , something that only 272 of the 668 greenlit games have managed to date.