Be a tree, transform into a griffin in multiplayer exploration game Wander

The closest I've ever come to being a tree was that time I found a family of squirrels living in my beard, but that came to a sorry end when the government introduced Beardroom Tax, and the poor fellas could no longer afford the rent. I'm excited by the prospect of (peaceful collaborative multiplayer title) Wander , then, the game that finally, finally lets you be a tree. And also a griffin. And, naturally, a sea creature too. Ent games grand? Wander takes place in a number of serene open worlds, untroubled by conflict or, seemingly, even people - but you can team up with your fellow tree-griffin-sea-serpent-things to complete quests and challenges, or simply muck about. More details lie beneath the bark. I mean break.

Wander's due to complete its rambling release walk on the 19th of July, and while you contemplate whether you're ready to experience life as a tree-person, here's what the development team have to say about it over on Steam Greenlight :

"Wander is a collaborative, non-combat and non-competitive game focused on exploration and joy. [...] As you explore, you begin to discover others in the sprawling rainforest. Working together, you unlock new experiences, piece together the plot and enjoy the wondrous variety that Wander has to offer. Wander features a gorgeous landscape, large scale non-competitive play and immersive sound design; all carefully woven together to create a world like no other."

Personally, I'm reminded of Pilotwings 64, but with slightly more ents and griffins, and probably no thermal currents to worry about. If you're suitably intrigued, you can sign up as a beta tester , for either the current alpha version or the beta, when that's ready. You could also chuck some money at the game's Indiegogo page (it's still going to be released, in any case). Here's what Wander looks like at the moment.

Thanks, Indie Statik .

Tom Sykes

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