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Rage 2 abilities video creatively kills about 38 goons

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Rage 2 is trying to tempt us into its wasteland with a dash of Borderlands, a smidge of Bulletstorm, and a light peppering of Crysis. This is the first look at the game that's really made me want to try it. It's always fun to mess with NPCs' gravity, and I'm glad to see the homing wingstick return—the best Rage weapon as far as I remember.

It doesn't feel like there's a huge amount of excitement out there for Rage 2, we didn't know how good the Doom reboot was until we got some extended time with those magnificent guns. Phil tried the game earlier this year and enjoyed the shooting, even if the world felt a bit lacking.

Rage 2 is out on May 14, and it might end up being a good 'play while you wait' game for Borderlands fans. For a longer look here's some extended action featuring the BFG weapon. There will also, for some reason, be Danny Dyer commentary by way of a voice pack cheat you can pick up in-game. Find out more in our everything we know about Rage 2 piece.

Tom Senior
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