Rage 2 cheat adds Danny Dyer commentary

Danny Dyer, Eastenders actor and descendent of King Edward III, is lending his distinct vocal talents to Rage 2. He's joining that NBA Jam fella, and possibly others, in accompanying players on their destructive journey, chiming in with "proper naughty", "look at them fuckin' barnets" and "twat". 

The Diamond Geezer voice pack will be available, like the others, as a cheat that all players will be able to use. Up until now, Rage 2's tone hasn't really done it for me—it's trying way too hard—but I can sort of get behind this. Get a taste of it below.

Prince Harry should take a cue from his fellow Royal. The sixth in line to the throne and famous ginger reckons Fortnite should be banned, though I think it's more likely we'll ban the monarchy first. And if he thinks Fortnite's a bad influence, nobody show him Rage 2. 

Check out some of the other cheats Rage 2 will be launching with on May 14. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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