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GOG rolls out the flash deals for its Black Friday sale

GOG Black Friday Sale 2020
(Image credit: GOG)
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Black Friday is now officially upon us, and so it's only appropriate that GOG has now kicked off its annual Black Friday sale. More than 2600 games have been marked down by up to 90 percent, and there's also a healthy selection of everyone's favorite clock-ticking bargain: Flash deals.

Here's the first batch:

Note that these sales are on for a very limited time—24 to 48 hours—but, as is the way with flash sales, when the timer hits zero they'll be replaced by a fresh batch of discounted games.

There are deep discounts on an awful lot of other games too: The super-cheap lineup includes The Long Journey Home for $3, a pile of excellent Daedalic point-and-click adventures for $2, the Puzzle Agent games for under $1 each, Divine and Beyond Divinity for 50 cents each, and Thief: Deadly Shadows for $1—not the best Thief game by any measure, but Robbing the Cradle is worth the price of admission all on its own. There's a big bundle of Batman, too, including not just Arkham but also the Lego and Telltale variants.

GOG's Black Friday sale runs until December 1. For more Black Friday goodness, keep an eye on our running list of all the best PC gaming deals.