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Ark: Survival Evolved adds skelesaurs and zombie dodos for its Halloween event


Every game under the sun, and quite a few of them over it, is getting Halloween-themed #content at the moment—but which to write about? Obviously any game featuring skeletal dinosaurs is going to get coverage, which admittedly is limited to Ark: Survival Evolved at present. The prehistoric survival game has been stuffed with yer traditional pumpkins and bats, yer slightly less traditional giant spiders, and with zombie dodos, a giant fire-breathing DodoRex, the aforementioned skelesaurs and more.

Frankly, it's a hugely impressive amount of effort to put into a week-long seasonal event—I'm interested to see what, if anything, the developers have in store for Dino Christmas. Here's the 'Ark: Fear Evolved' trailer showing it all in motion:

For the next week, the days will be shorter, and the nights longer, in Ark, so you won't be getting much respite from the forces of darkness. Here's what you're in for, from the Steam announcement post:

"For the next week the ARK is undergoing a spooky seasonal change where the air is cooler, the days shorter and the nights longer, and a Blood-Moon shines brightly as bats and creepy-crawly creatures of the night appear above ground.

"Survivors should take care when exploring the island as the mythical DodoRex stomps across the land with an army of blood-thirsty zombie dodos in tow, and a variety of re-animated Skelesaurs walk the lands."

The first person to take down a DodoRex on an official PvP server, and present video proof of them doing it, will win a $100 Steam Wallet gift code. (Ta, RPS.)