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50 celebrities will face 50 pros in a Fortnite tournament at E3

Today Epic Games announced it's throwing a big party at E3, hosting 50 celebrities and 50 pro Fortnite Battle Royale players for the first ever Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am. There's no word as of yet on exactly who will be participating—Epic is still assembling the roster—so let the speculation begin. 

Known celebrity Fortnite players include Chance the Rapper, Drake (Ninja's BFF), Travis Scott, Roseanne Barr (yes, from the sitcom), and the Toronto Maple Leafs, apparently. Personally, I'm banking on Daniel Day-Lewis coming out of retirement to destroy Dr. DisRespect using his divine powers of method acting. They translate to method camping extremely well.  

We can probably rule out Post Malone, though. 

We'll be sure to update as the guest list and team comps trickle in. 

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